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Your will isn't a one-and-done event

Creating a will isn't something that most people consider a fun activity. In fact, many people avoid working on an estate plan because they don't want to think about the inevitable happening. When you do get around to making a will, it is tempting to get everything taken care of and then put it all away and forget about it. This isn't a good thing to do. You must revisit you will periodically.

3 things to know about probate after a loved one's death

The death of a loved one is likely going to bring a sense of despair along with it. Once the initial shock begins to abate, you will likely realize that you now have to deal with your loved one's estate. There are three important things that anyone who is dealing with probate court after the death of an immediate family member must know. This information gives you the basic gist of how things will move forward. Of course, there are some cases that are unique, so be sure that you get specific questions answered before you proceed.


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