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With Offices In Allentown And West Palm Beach, We Serve Throughout Eastern Pennsylvania And Florida

Legal Support During Probate And Related Processes

For more than 60 years, our law firm has been a caring, focused resource for people who need to navigate complex legal steps and processes after the death of a family member. Today, from offices in Allentown and West Palm Beach, we offer full-service probate, trust administration and litigation services to people throughout Pennsylvania and Florida. For those with interests in either or both states, our firm is a uniquely qualified choice.

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Decades Of Estate Administration And Litigation Experience

Led in this practice area by partner Stephen Wiener, who has maintained a concentration in estate law for 30 years, our lawyers’ strengths include extensive knowledge of all federal and state laws applicable to inheritances, asset distribution, satisfaction of claims on estates and taxation. We have decades of experience advising and representing heirs and beneficiaries, personal representatives, executors and trustees. That experience covers:

  • Ensuring that our client meets all requirements of the appropriate probate court or other authority, with constant emphasis on timely action, responsiveness to questions and control of legal expenses
  • Striving for the most efficient resolution possible of concerns associated with real estate and other valuable assets, so that retitling and other ownership transfers proceed without unnecessary complication or delay
  • Representing our clients effectively in estate litigation when will contests, trust contests or other challenges and disputes arise — including those involving the mental capacity of the decedent or allegations of undue influence
  • Legal services for financial institutions and others with claims against estates in either Pennsylvania or Florida

Extensive Knowledge Of Wills And Trusts

Our attorneys will prioritize your case, keep you informed and ensure your interests are protected in this difficult time. You can count on receiving fully informed, reliable counsel whether a succession goes smoothly or unexpected complications emerge.

To schedule a consultation at a time that works for you, simply call our offices, or reach out to us online. Protecting your rights and assisting your family will be our mission at Wiener and Wiener LLP.