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Putting Your Property To Its Best Use

In zoning and land use concerns, big decisions are often governed by small committees. Every township in Pennsylvania has its own commission and boards, and its own rules with regard to obtaining permits and approvals. As such, it is important to work with an attorney who is familiar with the local real estate landscape.

Wiener and Wiener LLP can be of assistance. Our practice in this area is led by Joel Wiener, who serves throughout eastern Pennsylvania as local counsel to commercial developers and businesses in zoning and land use matters. Call 610-821-8600 to arrange a consultation.

Local Representation In Matters Of Commercial Real Estate

Our firm offers experienced and effective representation in a comprehensive range of real estate law concerns, including:

  • Change of zoning If the zoning of a property or piece of land does not fit the owner’s intentions for use, one can petition to have the zoning changed. The lawyers at Wiener and Wiener LLP are adept at presenting usage plans at local hearings and depicting how a given project can benefit the surrounding community.
  • Variances and conditional use permits — In jurisdictions where community leaders are hesitant to change zoning rules, it is often possible for landowners to obtain a variance or conditional use permit that enables them to use their property as they wish. These modalities might be thought of as exceptions, allowing businesses the ability to work around zoning laws. As with zoning changes, you must persuade local authorities that your variance or conditional use permit is necessary.
  • Approvals for business entities Our firm is skilled in working with zoning commissions and municipalities to obtain approvals for various types of businesses within a property, including mixed use facilities. We have a special focus in assisting developers involved in building condominiums and commercial properties.

Experienced And Effective Representation

If you would like to consult with a lawyer, reach out to our firm. You can arrange an appointment at our Allentown office by phone, or you can schedule a consultation online. We will discuss your matter in-depth and help you decide your best options going forward.