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A Resource For Stakeholders In Closely Held Businesses

Significant disputes often arise between product and service providers and their customers; contractors and property owners; employers and their employees; and various other parties to contracts. It is also unfortunately common for partners in a family business or other closely held concern to have serious disagreements about financial management, operating decisions, strategic direction and related issues.

At Wiener and Wiener LLP, we have many decades of experience advising and representing business owners, partners and stakeholders who must confront difficult disputes. With offices in Allentown and West Palm Beach, we serve clients throughout eastern Pennsylvania and in Florida.

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Legal Support In Contract Disputes And Related Concerns

Our firm provides ongoing counsel to many small and midsize companies. We see beyond the financial stakes associated with business disputes and recognize that emotions often run high between people who have built personal as well as business relationships. Our knowledge and proven capabilities cover:

  • Anticipating the potential for future problems during the startup phase and formation of a business, and addressing those issues through careful development of partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements and succession plans
  • Determining the best available strategies for resolving internal disputes between partners and family members, including those who may require a well-executed “business divorce” or dissolution
  • Working intelligently and relentlessly to assert our clients’ interests in a range of other contract disputes, many of which involve real estate development, transactions and construction

Stepping In With Help When Your Business Most Needs It

If you are facing any type of business or shareholder dispute, a lawyer at our firm will carefully consider all the issues in your case, including family dynamics and future plans. We have helped our clients resolve many complex concerns through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and at trial when needed. To request a free initial consultation, please call us, or contact us online.